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Continuum of Foster Care
in Nevada

The foster care system in Nevada offers a continuum of care – a series of interventions, programs, and services – that caters to the frequently changing needs of children and young people within the system. These services ensure that every child has the opportunity to flourish in a supportive and safe environment, appropriate to their unique circumstances.

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Standard Foster Care

In Standard Foster Care, targets creating stable, temporary living conditions for children and teenagers unable to live with their biological families due to varying reasons. This placement is often county or state-run, with the underlying aim of reuniting children with their homes, or when not achievable, alternative long-term stability solutions such as adoption or kinship care.
While standard foster care provides necessary services, the efficiency and effectiveness of these services can differ significantly depending on geographic location and available resources. Generally managed from a government level, the degree of support, resources, and training that foster parents receive varies, and sometimes, may not fully cater to the specific needs of the children under their care.

Specialized Foster Care

On the other hand, there's Specialized Foster Care, often orchestrated by private agencies. These agencies provide more direct and individualized interventions for children with complex needs. Children within this category usually have specific emotional, physical, or mental health issues that standard, generalized foster care can't adequately attend to.
These private agencies tend to have a more comprehensive range of therapies and interventions readily available. They are often equipped to provide enhanced training to foster parents, guiding them on how to cater to the complex needs of the child under their care, thus giving them a more detailed understanding of the unique challenges, such a child may exhibit.

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Bamboo Sunrise's Perspective on Family Foster Care

Bamboo Sunrise plays a pivotal role in the foster care landscape and holds strong opinions about best practices based on national standards, the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA), and the Council on Accreditation (COA). Emphasizing family foster care, Bamboo Sunrise shoulders the belief that children flourish best within supportive family environments.

Adherence to National Standards and FFPSA

This belief aligns with the national standards and the FFPSA, which focuses on prioritizing family settings over residential placements, emphasizing the importance of keeping siblings together, and making quality mental health services readily accessible, among others. Bamboo Sunrise is committed to implementing intensive recruitment of foster families and avail the necessary resources for children's welfare.

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Connection with the Council on Accreditation (COA)

In concordance with COA, Bamboo Sunrise cultivates a comprehensive approach to family foster care. They are committed to continuous quality improvement and dedicated to meeting the highest national and international standards in providing services.

The organization places families at the center of their care continuum, providing a wealth of resources such as mentoring, support groups, education, and therapeutic services. They consider these as essential components of fostering, enabling personalized and effective care for each child.

In summary, while Nevada's foster care system offers a variety of services in a continuum of care, each with their unique strengths, organizations like Bamboo Sunrise embody the essence of family foster care by adhering strictly to national standards, the principles of the FFPSA, and COA. Their approach provides an illuminating guide for other foster care organizations striving to improve their services within their respective care continuum.

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