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Become a Foster Parent

Become a Foster Parent

Foster Parents change lives

"In every child is a spark of potential longing to ignite into a beacon of hope. The chance to become a guiding star in a child's night sky, offering them not just light but warmth and security in the midst of their darkest hours, is a privilege only few avail. Adopting the role of a foster parent isn't merely looking after a child in despair, it's an invitation to gift safety, mentorship, and prosperous growth to someone who may have experienced trauma so profound, we as adults might struggle to fully comprehend. Remember, it's all right to feel overwhelmed. The true purpose is to empower them—allow them the grace to heal, strive, and become more than their circumstances."

We seldom marvel at the everyday wonders of our lives: our cozy homes, the safety of our existence, the fortune of knowing where our next meal comes from. Many are estranged from knowing what it's like to fear for the safety of oneself or loved ones, to be an unsuspecting victim of domestic violence or substance abuse. Let's not protect ourselves from the harsh truths—foster care doesn't come with sugar-coated promises, but it is a portrait our society has fashioned, and it is our collective responsibility to restore its beauty.

Inviting a vulnerable child into your universe, granting them the elemental security of a safe home, access to quality education, nutritious meals, and the priceless anchor of a family—these are treasures they might only begin to understand with time. The path is laden with challenges, but the rewards, invaluable. The shifts you'll witness in their lives and within your own will be transformative, permanent. The only certainties in fostering are that you will be forever imprinted by the heroic acts of creating opportunities for children who find the world stacked against them. We deeply value your willingness for investing in their futures because you have already proven to be the ray of hope they require. You sought us out... And now, we eagerly extend our hands to empower you to become the catalyst of positive change.

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Support We Offer

Support We Offer

New Parent

Bamboo Sunrise is proud to provide PRIDE training to new foster, adoptive and kinship parents. The same curriculum surpasses the standards set by Nevada and is also open to biological families to ensure continuity among all those who support our children.

Resource Parent 

Do you need to meet the ongoing requirements of foster care training? Every foster parent in Nevada is required to obtain at minimum 20 hours of continuing education annually. Bamboo Sunrise offers a multitude of in-person and online options for professional parents.


Do you require CEU's? Are you a practicum student or intern? Do you need to increase your knowledge of trauma focused and/or behavioral interventions? We offer and host a number of CEU online or in-person courses to assist professionals, staff, and parents in understanding the underlying issues of trauma.

Foster Parent Licensing Timeline

Foster Parent
Licensing Timeline

Licensing Process for Foster Care Steps

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