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Evolving the landscape of child foster care in Nevada, Bamboo Sunrise, founded by our CEO and Owner, Ms. Shirley Lim Holdeman, in November 2011, has been propelled by an unwavering focus on the well-being of Nevada's children. As an institution born and nurtured in Nevada, Bamboo Sunrise's passion lies solely in supporting Nevadan children to flourish within their home state. Our impact is not diluted across national endeavors – we are devoted Nevadans who strive to uplift our local community.


Bamboo Sunrise stands as a sanctuary for children in our state who require a home, projecting a paradigm shift in the realm of foster care. As the driving force behind this transformative organization, Ms. Holdeman champions change by leaning on the three pillars of ability, willingness, and resources to redefine what foster care can mean for a child's future.


We recognize children as the heart of our tomorrow at Bamboo Sunrise. The future they mold for themselves has far-reaching implications that are almost unfathomable. Proudly wearing the badge of being the leading Youth Social Services Organization in the Henderson area, we create an empowering environment for the youth under our care. Here, they are encouraged to fully manifest their identities while acquiring the skills necessary to shape our future.


Our objectives are to infuse their lives with positive values and habits, impart essential lessons of social responsibility, foster healthy living, and promote understanding and acceptance of cultural diversity. Intrigued to discover more about our mission and the opportunities to be part of this transformative journey?


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Enhancing the Lives of Children Since 2011

Our Mission

Our Mission

Bamboo Sunrise is dedicated to the development and support of safe, nurturing families who promote resilience and permanency for children in our community.

Diverse Kindergarten
Our Vision
Happy Family

Our Vision

A vibrant system of care known for exceptional standards, chosen for excellence in service, and standing in partnership with its community, children, families, and employees to improve the emotional, physical, and social well-being of all communities served.

Our Values

Our Values

Values We Hold
Above all else, we value:

Respect for self and others that promotes self-worth in each of us.

Collaboration with people who support a common vision and values to achieve shared goals.

Advocating, with respect, for social change while acting in a manner that demonstrates compassion and empathy for those in need.

Employing resources entrusted to us to promote positive outcomes while addressing the needs of the whole family, as well as the individual

Innovation, pride, and team work to transcend expectations of self and others.

As stewards of our community, it is our duty. As a member of humanity, it is our heritage. As members of this world we, at all and any cost, must embrace our future, pardon our past, and move beyond the hardships of everyday life.

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