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Continuum of Care

What is a QRTP?

Bamboo Sunrise's Qualified Residential Treatment Program (QRTP) offers a comprehensive and tailored approach to therapeutic recovery for young people in a nurturing environment that embodies the comfort of a home. The distinguishing factor of our QRTP is our paramount focus on the youth's ability to self-regulate, fostering everlasting skills to help endure life's complications and eventually transition to a Specialized Foster Care (SFC) with ease.



Nutrition for Growing Minds and Bodies

The dietary regimen at Bamboo Sunrise is strictly monitored to bring about a profound change in our youth's physical health status. Reduced intake of processed foods and sugars is stringently followed; we propagate a balanced diet rich in whole foods to ensure overall nourishment, growth, and the vitalizing energy needed to get through each day.

A Home-Like Setting for Enhanced Comfort

Our program strives to make youth feel at home, offering structured programming that mimics ordinary residential experiences to enhance their comfort levels during their recovery journey.


Academic Excellence Alongside Healing

Education plays a pivotal role in our program, ensuring that youth attend regular educational programs aligned with mainstream curriculum while receiving on-site tutoring support.

Therapeutic Learning for Emotional Growth

The core of our QRTP involves bi-weekly individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy sessions, which work together to promote emotional healing, interpersonal skills, and family dynamics.

Our unique approach integrates unconventional healing methods like Trauma Recovery Yoga, Reiki, and HeartMath to help youth physically manifest emotions, promote energy healing, and improve stress management and emotional regulation.


Comprehensive Well-Being for a Bright Future

Bamboo Sunrise's QRTP is a multifaceted program addressing the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of each youth, combining traditional and holistic therapies, rigorous academics, and optimized nutrition to prepare them for a successful transition to Specialized Foster Care and beyond.

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