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Continuum of Care

What is a PRTF?

A Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) is an inpatient program offering intensive mental health care for youth with complex, severe, and persistent psychiatric conditions. It involves 24-hour supervision, clinical management, therapy, and other support services. The aim is to provide a holistic, individualized, integrated program of care that nurtures the mind, body, and soul, enabling each individual to reach their full potential.



Meeting Intensive Needs of Youth in Southern Nevada

At Bamboo Sunrise, we provide specialized PRTF services to youth in Southern Nevada. Our services are tailored to cater to the intensive mental health and behavioral health needs of our clients. This group comprises two primary populations: adolescent youth (for six individuals) and pediatric youth (also for six individuals). We ensure each child receives individual attention, tailored treatment planning, and a comprehensive set of interventions designed to address their specific needs.

Our Care Approach

Our southern Nevada facility operates under the understanding that the youth we serve require a distinct kind of care due to the intensity of their needs, but this does not limit their potential for growth. Our primary goal is to help them transition from this highest level of restrictive care to an environment that is more integrated into the community, such as a QRTP (Qualified Residential Treatment Program).


Downgrading from PRTF to QRTP

A QRTP setting offers specialized psychiatric care that is one notch lower in restrictiveness compared to a PRTF. Here, youth are offered structured, therapeutic, family-focused care in a community setting. At Bamboo Sunrise, we walk with our clients in their journey, teaching them vital life skills, ensuring proper mental health services, and preparing them for this transition as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

Transition to a SFC Family Home

The ultimate goal of Bamboo Sunrise's PRTF program is to help these youth transition into a SFC (Specialized Foster Care) Family Home. Our mission is to ensure they are ready to rejoin the community and live in a family setting equipped with the necessary skills and support to prevent a recurrence of prior behavioral and psychiatric issues. This is done through continual therapy, education, life skills training, and therapeutic milieu.


Bamboo Sunrise PRTF

At Bamboo Sunrise, we pride ourselves on creating a support system for our youth to thrive, despite the complex challenges they face. From our most restrictive environments like the PRTF, down to a less restrictive QRTP setting, and eventually into a loving SFC Family Home, we remain committed to these transitional journeys. We are steadfast in our mission to provide holistic healing for our pediatric and adolescent clients in Southern Nevada.

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